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The OMG Machines Way - Feel the RealUnreal. That was my first impression going into the member’s area of The OMG Machines program that welcomed me with “You’re one of us now…” I wasn’t sure, exactly, how to take that. There was no turning back after buying in to this internet marketing program since plunking down a ton of money (Like, we’re talking several thousand dollars, and the equivalent of nearly 7 house payments for me).

But, there it was. From the initial webinars and YouTube videos I watched about these internet and SEO masterminds, my impression was that no one could charge almost $7,000 for an online course or program and actually get it. But, they DO get it! The thing is, this is not your mama’s SEO course.

Review Of OMG Machines

And, even though they are a pretty high-energy and extremely serious bunch and you can’t get a refund once you join, they do actually make it so you can make monthly payments instead of putting down $7,000 all at once. They take their positions as experts seriously, and there are some ground rules once you’re in the doors.

For example, once you’re given access to their Facebook group which you can’t see at all unless you’re a member, if you whine or complain, someone is gonna call you on it.

Because of the type of person I am, what was the clincher for me was watching the famed Bob Proctor (remember “The Secret” a few years ago, about the Law of Attraction?) endorse the program. Trust me…Bob Proctor doesn’t need OMG Machines’ money for endorsing since he has plenty of his own. Watch this, though, to see what he has to say.

You can go over to Mike Long’s YouTube channel where I found this particular video, and see the longer speeches featuring Bob Proctor, as well as what some of the program’s successful students are saying. One of the things, however, that was of prime importance for me when it came to joining, was Bob Proctor’s emphasis on taking action.

The program is not for someone who wants to dilly-dally or test the waters with SEO or working with clients on their company’s search engine marketing. This is for someone who has had the ambition and desire to make a real living working online.

The OMG Machines Review Checklist

Let me quickly run down some of the stuff you get with OMG (whose name dates back to 2012 when Greg Morrison, the original One Man Gang grabbed onto SEO and made more money in a year than most people will make in a lifetime):

  • Real life lessons and strategies by people in OMG who are killing it on Amazon and SEO consulting
  • Video “over-the-shoulder” how to, step-by-step guidance.
  • Live Question & Answer coaching and “office hours” sessions – of which, by the way, I cannot overemphasize the value.
  • In-depth knowledge of the types of SEO tools and strategies to use (and which to avoid – and believe me, there are a lot of those these days!).
  • Extremely high-level – almost like engineering – knowledge about positioning your brand at just about every level you could imagine (actually, the stuff you learn is from some of these folks who actually ARE high level engineers).
  • Approaching clients, pricing strategies, tracking metrics… Oh man… the list really does go on and on here.

Finalizing This OMG Machines Review

Finally, at the bottom of this page, I want to show you another video that sums it up for me – and that’s the concept of “paying it forward,” where the guys and ladies in the group are constantly reaching out to help one another. I – this writer typing these words – can attest to this on dozens of occasions, where I have had a question, and I’ve never, ever been belittled for my lack of knowledge or my naivety when it comes to certain practices. I now have this burning desire to reach out when I can to others who might have questions where I have some skills. It’s just the way this group is.

If you are like the majority of us in the community family (Mike Long named it a “City on a Hill” and we have all embraced the concept), then you have an intense longing for freedom – both financial and spiritual, because honestly, it’s become almost a spiritual thing for me.

Take a chance – be like one of the relatively recent success stories, Kotton Grammer – and set your goals, and hit them. And then go after some more. He says, in the video below, “You can only get as good as the people around you…and I decided to surround myself with people like (those who are the teachers – Mike, Greg, Fletch, etc)…My thing is that when you get into OMG, when you do, just give it your all, take your first 60 days and just light a fire … tell yourself you’re just gonna get it done…”

You’ll hear him in this last video, at about the 6:00 minute mark.

So, get inspired, get going, and I’ll see you in the City on the Hill. Thank you so much for reading this.

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